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02/15/17 01:29 PM #816    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Pat, my youngest sister went through a similar situation.  Both ovaries had to be removed.  She made it and your baby will also - that is our prayer.  Keep us informed of her progress.

02/24/17 12:37 PM #817    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Okay, Shirley Moon-Parker give us an update on how you are health-wise.  You keep us informed for classmates and relatives.  I just heard you had a hospital stay?

02/25/17 08:46 AM #818    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

Thanks for asking Gae.  I'm still kicking but very slow. I had facial cellulitis that began in my ear and spread over my entire right side of face. Looked like I had been burned. After four days in the hospital, with very aggressive treatment, I am better. Thankful this did not get in my blood stream. I still can't hear with this ear but hopeful this will improve soon. You can't keep a good RCHS girl down. I hope to see lots of you at our April luncheon.

04/11/17 11:07 PM #819    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Wishing everyone a joyous Easter celebration time!

  I look forward to seeing any who can make it the follwing weekend (April 22) , and will sorely miss those who can't ... Ron asked me what  I liked best about our spring get-togethers.  I told him "They make me feel young and good."

  YOUNG because we took our first steps into adulthood together - we share the memories of the beginning.  The years melt away when I speak with high school classmates.  Other than classmates being rather interesting people, I feel GOOD among good people.  I cannot name a single classmate who has not made the world a better place.  I am blessed.

I am grateful, Shirley, you are improving.  We can talk to your good ear.  Love ya.

04/12/17 03:01 PM #820    


Maggieleen Goss (Bradford)


We always have such a good time at your home and looking forward to the 22nd. I'm trying to come up with a new dish this year! I to feel young again when we meet with our classmates. We tend to remember the "good ole days" and forget about all our aches and pains of today. I truly hope we have a good crowd and let the memories of yesteryear flood our hearts and make us feel young again!! 

See ya'll April 22nd.



04/19/17 11:44 AM #821    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Hi Maggie,

Whatever you bring to eat always turns out wonderul - I think the secret to a good cook is that they cook often and share often.  The spring lunch is very close to Easter celebrations and travel which may cut back on folks we always like to see - to get and give a hug.  HOWEVER, even THREE is a GOOD crowd, because Jesus will be among us as promised.  Love ya, can't wait!

06/26/17 09:15 AM #822    


Maggieleen Goss (Bradford)

Dear Classmates,

My heart is sadden to hear about Gary having a stroke. I know prayers from all over the country are going up for him right now and that is wonderful, but our classmate and his family need to know his long time friends are also calling on God to touch him. Gary and Charlotte are very special to us and they are loved so much. I'm asking all classmates to send get well cards and well wishes to them at the address below:

Mr. and Mrs. Gary McCullough

38 Stamp Mill Court

Dahlonega, GA 30533

Love you all,


06/27/17 02:17 PM #823    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

Update on Gary. He is moving Today to a rehab facility in Dahloneha. He is very positive about his recovery. Beth advised that he cannot move his arms and legs on left side. Has trouble swallowing. We know our God can heal and we pray this is the plan for Gary. Thank you Maggie for posting and asking for cards. Let's shower him with these cards and I'm sure Charlotte could use a few too. 🙏🙏🙏

06/30/17 12:18 PM #824    


Shirley Moon (Parker)


If this shows up twice, please disregard. I can't find my original post on Joyce Ivey Dennard. Joyce had breast cancer several years ago and cancer has now returned. It has metastasied to several organs and lastly to both sides of her brain. She has been doing radiation the last week or so and has no side effects. The brain tumors messed up her walking, but that has improved a lot, but she is using a walker for safety. Her doctors are optimistic and Joyce was upbeat this morning when I talked to her. She laughed and said as long as she is upright she is ok.  Doesn't this sound like the sweet Joyce we know and love. We need prayers from all of you. Let's get Joyce on every prayer list we can find. Her address on her profile is 794 Second St. - Soperton, Ga 30457. Update on Gary. He was moved to his beloved Dahlonega on Thursday and is rehab. Keep him in your prayers. See pictures of Joyce on what's new.



07/02/17 11:50 AM #825    


William Otis Smith

]Sorry to hear about Gary and Joyce.  Praying for a speedy recovery for both of them.  I do not get on here much and dont do much typing.  Wlishing everyone a belated and future happy birthdays.  And thank you for all the birthday wishes. As for me I came up with COPD 17 years ago besides being diabetic.  I seldom leave the house - when I do  I use a walker.  I go to doctor appointments and sometimes to church when I am able. Thank goodness my wife takes good care of me.  Prayers to everyone that are goind thru medical problems and hope you all will be ok.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July.


07/27/17 09:35 AM #826    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Ron and I have discussed the September Dahlonega situation and Gary and Charlotte.  We will most likely keep our reservation and spend the day in the town and surrounding attractions.  It's a fun place and we always pray for Gary and his community when we visit.

We can't fathom how tired Charlottre and Gary must be with the tough trip back to health - but, they not only have family and friends visiting - they have the entire town because of his political career.  We under no circumstances plan to visit their home in September.  Perhaps, we will send another "get well card" after the area visit.

Ideas for Gary (and possibly Joyce) other than prayer are not just popping up.  I did wonder if classmates could write a memory/a story they recall from high school involving Gary or Joyce into the message forum.  Those "tall tales and truth" could be printed for a scrapbook for our recovering folks - as well as read and enjoyed on the forum by all.  Additionally, if anyone has old photos to scan or send a copy to Shirley to add to a scrapbook that would be icing on our 75th birthday cake.

Thank you Shirley, Maggie and Beth for keeping us informed.

07/28/17 07:08 PM #827    


Etheleen "Sis" Chandler (Hillman)

Prayers and love go out to Joyce and Richard Dennard family.


08/13/17 01:42 PM #828    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

This is a note for Gary McCullough’s scrapbook.

I remember walking along the boardwalk connection from the lunch room to the gym.  Just outside the gymnasium entrance some high school classmates were in a huddle.  I believe Beth and Tommy were among them.  Gary was in the center.  He was animated, using arm movements,very upset and blatantly fussing.

This was so uncharacteristic of him.  You see, Gary was a “rock.”  You could depend on him to be easy going, the peace maker in most instances.

I found out the following class period that someone had thrown hunky sticks all over the newly painted gym floor!  The floor Gary – maybe Gerald Payne – and others had worked on for hours.  Now that task was doubled with cleanup.

Gary remains a ‘rock,’ a peace maker, a person of gentle character.  His family, friends and career are testament of a life lived with good intent and care for fellow beings.

Signed, Linda Gae Crawford Reynolds, Class of ’60.

08/13/17 01:47 PM #829    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)


This is a note for Charlotte McCullough:

My next door neighbor just suffered a second stroke.  This is a man of great intelligence.  Simply having a social conversation with him is uplifting and fun.  He is fighting to come back from the stroke.  Of course, we rushed next door to see him when he returned from the hospital and planned for more visits.  It was obvious as Haywood searched for the right words that he was frustrated and stressed.   Our current strategy is to time it so that Ron or I are out in the front yard to wave hello when Hayward accompanied by his wife, Joanne, go for his slow afternoon walk.  We can see him improving with walking.  He doesn’t have to carry on a conversation, but knows we care when we wave.

We care for you and Gary.  We pray for his improvement daily.  If you need us call.  We will be working in the front yard and knowing that you and Gary are spending all your energy on getting well.


08/13/17 01:52 PM #830    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)


My first born attended North Georgia in Dahlonega for two years.  The town and area are special.  Ron and I decided to keep our reservation for Friday night this September.  We probably will not eat Saturday lunch at the Smith House, but save that for next year with Gary and Charlotte.  There are so many things to do in Dahlonega .  Ron wants to retire to that area of North Georgia.  We may even look at different properties on the outskirts.

I hope to join Shirley Parker in sending flowers or something to the McCulloughs to thank them for past hostings and stating we look forward to seeing them in the future. 

It would be nice the see Jack and Marsha, if they are still going to Dahlonega on Sept. 16.  (Perhaps meet on the Square for an ice cream cone and coffee.)

09/01/17 02:53 PM #831    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

I do not have information on services for Pierce Richardson. Maybe later today. For those that want to send notes to Nanelle, the address is 210 Sable Circle- Covington, Ga. 30016. As we all know, tomorrow is not promised so HUG your family everyday and let them know you love them. I wish I could see Classmates that I haven't seen in years, just to reconnect and talk about our special class of 1960.

09/12/17 11:49 AM #832    


Etheleen "Sis" Chandler (Hillman)

Hello classmates of 1960, hope everyone is safe.  I have been trying to get in touch with family in Conyers, the electricity must be off, can't get on phone or cell phones, can anyone give me update as to what is happening.    THANK YOU, Sis Chandler Hillman

09/12/17 09:02 PM #833    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Dear Sis,

We have many trees down across power lines in Conyers.  However, we can thank God for safety for the great majority - only minor injuries to date.  I hope all are careful removing the debris.  Power went out for many yesterday about 1 p.m.  Power is slowly being restored.  Your folks will most likely have power tomorrow at the latest.  My sister posted a picture on Facebook.  She was sewing (hand stitching) with a flashlight attached to a ball cap.  The costumes for a local New Depot play must go on - power or not.

10/04/17 09:17 PM #834    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

Please check what's new to learn more about Gary McCullough.

02/11/18 10:00 AM #835    

Coleman Ricks

Pierce Richardaon;s brother Jerry passed away this morning. He was at hospit in Waycross.


08/02/18 06:42 PM #836    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

No - no, I can't believe Mercer is gone.  At least I have some really good memories.  Stay well, be happy, God bless you all - my wonderful classmates

09/08/18 08:00 PM #837    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

I understand this is a forum for the Class of '60, but we have never been exclusive.  I  just heard that Marshall Ivey  also perhaps known to some as Judy Lamb's husband just died.  Marshall would be Joyce Ivey Dennard's first cousin.  Even though Marshall and Judy are younger, some of you may remember them.  Also, on a sad note for Ron and I -- some of you may remnember our little dog, our best buddy, B-Bear.  B-Bear p[assed away yesterday.  We truly miss our little buddy.

09/10/18 04:24 PM #838    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

Please see What’s New for a picture of Gae’s little fur baby that passed away recently. This was during our Spring luncheon a couple of years ago. Tommy was entertaining us and Boo Bear listened to every word.

09/10/18 04:42 PM #839    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

You have our prayers and best hopes!


01/01/19 07:56 AM #840    

Coleman Ricks


And especially Happy Birthday to Coach McCord yesterday

It was good to see Jimmy & Demaris last Thur at the little gathering we had, if you are one of the ones that could not attend rest assured we tried hard not to leave any of you out, in out dissucions of times gone bye,





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