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09/08/18 08:00 PM #835    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

I understand this is a forum for the Class of '60, but we have never been exclusive.  I  just heard that Marshall Ivey  also perhaps known to some as Judy Lamb's husband just died.  Marshall would be Joyce Ivey Dennard's first cousin.  Even though Marshall and Judy are younger, some of you may remember them.  Also, on a sad note for Ron and I -- some of you may remnember our little dog, our best buddy, B-Bear.  B-Bear p[assed away yesterday.  We truly miss our little buddy.

09/10/18 04:24 PM #836    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

Please see What’s New for a picture of Gae’s little fur baby that passed away recently. This was during our Spring luncheon a couple of years ago. Tommy was entertaining us and Boo Bear listened to every word.

09/10/18 04:42 PM #837    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

You have our prayers and best hopes!


01/01/19 07:56 AM #838    


Coleman Ricks


And especially Happy Birthday to Coach McCord yesterday

It was good to see Jimmy & Demaris last Thur at the little gathering we had, if you are one of the ones that could not attend rest assured we tried hard not to leave any of you out, in out dissucions of times gone bye,





12/16/19 04:14 PM #839    


Etheleen "Sis" Chandler (Hillman)



12/18/19 08:15 AM #840    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Thanks, Sis, for thinking of your classmates at this busy, busy time of year.  You made my day with your good wishes and refreshed my thoughts of good times and good people.

12/18/19 02:44 PM #841    


Maggieleen Goss (Bradford)

Merry Christmas to my 1960 Classmates. May each of you have a very Happy and helathy New Year. It is hard to believe we are coming up on our 60th Reunion this summer. We are so blessed to be here for 77 years and looking forward to another reunion together with the best group of people ever. I love you all and wish good health and happiness to you and yours.


12/19/19 05:08 AM #842    


Coleman Ricks

Merry Christmas everone !

Remember the reason for the season !


12/23/19 10:42 AM #843    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Thanks, Maggie and Coleman, you guys are certainly part of the blessings of the season.  God's love just pours down.  I look forward to seeing as many classmates as possible for the 60th.  Wishing all an amazing Christmas season and happy, healthy new year.

01/01/20 06:31 AM #844    


Etheleen "Sis" Chandler (Hillman)

ITS       2020       HAPPY NEW YEAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (can you believe we made it to 2020)                                                                                                                                             May your year be filled with Love, Joy, Happiness and God's Blessings.   



01/04/20 04:00 PM #845    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Wonderful to hear from you, Sis!  Have a great 2020!

01/08/20 02:46 PM #846    


Etheleen "Sis" Chandler (Hillman)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,    to my  Cousin,  Kathleen Blake Doster (KITTY). may you celebrate many more with your great family.. Love you, Sis.


05/27/20 07:58 AM #847    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)


A beautiful, heartfelt message for moving the reunion to 2021 -- I thank you for the thoughtfulness and look forward to a great and safe reunion.

05/28/20 02:04 PM #848    


Beth Hicks (Ray)

Dear Shirley,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wise and thoughtful decision to postpone our 60th reunion until 2021! Denzel and I had already made the decision that we would not be able to attend because of our ages and medical issues. Most of our classmates were probably facing these same  concerns because of COVID-19. It would have broken my heart to miss our reunion. Now I feel so relieved and am looking forward to being with our special classmates in 2021. Until then, my prayer is that God will bless our RCHS Class of 1960 and our families with good health and ALL that makes us happy.

With lots of love and many warm hugs,

Beth ❤️

06/03/20 04:26 PM #849    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Dear Classmates,

While virtual is necessary at present, we do long for real church gatherings.  I miss the group Bible studies.  Other than Dr. Charles Stanley, a new found favorite, one Dr. Roy Lawson's video studies on Youtube have been worth the visit.  Just as our high school teachers were a definite "cut-above," my sister's favorite English professor, who send her in the direction to become an English teacher was this Dr. Lawson.  Watching his Biblical studies on Youtube titled "Joy with Roy," is reminescent of learning from our own excellent teachers at RCHS.  They certainly were cornerstones of the community.  We are blessed. 

08/17/20 07:18 PM #850    


Etheleen "Sis" Chandler (Hillman)

Wishing Gae a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (e a r l y) I think I was late in 2019.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAE, may you have many more to share with family and friends on the fishing banks of Georgia or is it deep sea fishing. I always enjoyed Reovista resturants "All the CATFISH you can eat". Marriage came and we got to camping out in Cherokee cooking "Rainbow Trout" each evening by the streams.  I miss those days, these golden years have quarantined us before the QUARANTINE. Health has slowed Bob and myself down. Plans are to be at the late Reunion in 2021.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY see you at the class reunion.  STAY SAFE and HEALTHY. Sis Chandler Hillman.

08/24/20 09:18 AM #851    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Thanks for the great wishes and memories!  Stay well.

10/10/20 07:15 PM #852    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Woooo Hooo Georgia Dogs

10/11/20 08:51 AM #853    


James C Miller III

Agree, Gae.  The big test is this coming Saturday.  The Crimson Tide will be out for blood, coming so close to losing to unranked Mississippi.  By the way, through her ancestory work my wife, Demaris, just found out that she's a fourth cousin of Vince Dooley!  Jimmy

10/12/20 11:47 AM #854    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Fine man, Dooley, for kin folk.  I have a baby shower on the 17th for a new great-grandson expected this December --  however, the father and friends will be watching the game.  Winning cheers would be a good sound for all including the expected one and Demaris of Dooley ancestry.  Stay well!  Be Happy!

02/23/21 12:15 PM #855    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Many of you may have known Hogan Ivey.  He died recently at age 99.  His obituary is on-line.  He was my former boss as well as a friend and Joyce Ivey Dennard's uncle.  His love/knowledge of local history endeared me to him and his wife Mary and his brother Tom.  Truly fantastic people!

07/19/21 10:44 AM #856    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

Happy Blessed Birthday Hallie. So thankful we can go out and celebrate now(without those dreaded masks). Enjoy your special day.🎂♥️.  

07/19/21 11:06 AM #857    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

It's me again... Rather than send 40 emails, I am posting services for Kathrine Crawford here and all will be notified that there is a new post.  Visitation will be Sunday, July 25 at Scot Ward's in Conyers. Time 1:00 P.M. until 2:00 P.M.  Services will be held at 2:30 P.M. In the Green Meadows Gardens at 2:30 P.M

Prayers go out for this sweet family. Gae and Ron have hosted Spring Luncheons for our class for many years. Ms. Crawford always joined us for lunch with a sweet smile on her face. God needed another Angel and at 87 years old, took her home.


07/23/21 09:22 PM #858    


Shirley Moon (Parker)

Just a short note, to say Coach McCord is at Magnolia House Assisted living in Conyers. I talked to Willa yesterday and she was telling me he has Alzheimer's and is in a wheelchair. He loves to have visitors. The Magnolia house is on Main Street across from Rockdale Citizen and next to Thai Restaurant.

08/20/21 03:41 PM #859    


Linda Gae Crawford (Reynolds)

Linda Reynolds <>
To:Rockdale County High School Class Of 1960
Fri, Aug 20 at 3:22 PM
I just left Coach McCord.  He looks good, very rested and smiling.  His wife, Willa, is having some health problems which prevent her from being able to care for him at this time.  His daughter, Paige, is running the ball for them. 
So you understand his good spirit, I will tell you in his words:  "When we moved in here (Magnolia House Assisted Living), I wasn't sure I would like it.  I worked in Conyers for so long that I know most of the folks here.  It's like being in another class year -- having a little fun before graduation."
Wishing many future blessings for everyone to go along with great memories.
Linda Reynolds

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