Prayers and Concerns


  Prayers for Maggie Goss Bradfords' family.  Her mother has health problems and her brother, Britt, is in Emory Hospital and needs surgery but not strong enough at this time.  They are putting in a feeding tube for him to eat and family is with him around the clock.   Maggie  has her mother at her house...Lift them up and pray.

John's alzheimeers is progressing fast and it is a different challenge everyday...please pray for patience and strength for me and calmness for John,

Beth Hicks Ray is doing good after her brain surgery...I talked to Beth the last week of September and she said the recovery progress was slow but she would be back to her usual self soon....Prayers have been answered.


Anyone that has health issues or family health issues, please let me know so we can have our entire class lift your spirits and send prayers your way.